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Napa in Newport

A premier annual gala in support of Cure Duchenne’s efforts to find a cure for the rare disease, Duchenne.


Develop a fundraising marketing platform for the organization's signature annual event

The Challenges.

Cure Duchenne desired to develop and host an annual event that would appeal in form and format to the elite of Orange County.  It was hoped that the event might raise in excess of $1MM that could be used for research and grant awards within the rare disease space focusing on Duchenne.


Our Approach.

Cure Duchenne had entertained the idea of hosting a wine dinner with the premier vintners from Napa Valley, California. Our creative team visited the vineyards and interviewed the winemakers in an effort to humanize and give story to each of the vineyards that were invited to participate in the Napa in Newport event. 

We built out a full digital experience including the core website, donation platform, and social media frameworks that would allow Cure Duchenne to highlight the gala, the vineyards and wine, and also the work the organization was doing to find a cure to Duchenne.  

Project By Numbers.

Napa in Newport raised in excess of $1.2MM in each of the years we managed the annual event.

individual donations made
Monthly digital engagements
YOY increase in donations and donors

What We Built.

Brand Buddha’s creative teams designed and built a new organization website and a Napa in Newport site specifically to receive donations that would highlight the Cure Duchenne work and industry partnerships with major research labs and universities.  Additionally, our strategy team developed an integrated marketing campaign focused on finding, engaging, and converting new potential donors within a tight geography. 

Digital Properties
Fundraising Platform

  • Napa to Newport website
  • Integrated donation platform with databased functionality
  • Social platform designs
  • Campaign landing pages

Analytics &

We created a robust analytics platform for the entire Napa in Newport footprint.

This led to a deeper understanding of who was at the various stages of awareness, consideration, and conversion of a very complicated service uptake model.  Additionally, it provided a roadmap to optimize the entire digital Cure Duchenne experience.


  • Content and messaging strategies/ calendars
  • 100+ creative executions and content pieces

Awareness Campaigns

From a robust out-of-home campaign including billboards, an international airport experience, local malls, and bus stops, to regional PR campaigns, Brand Buddha was able to blanket the entire Cure Duchenne target geography during the six month lead-up to the Napa in Newport gala.  ensuring message saturation across all key demographics.



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