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It's In Our Name.

One of Brand Buddha’s areas of expertise is the development of new brands, as well as the expansion of existing brands — from messaging to visual identity — with an eye on customer experience and all of the ways in which a brand touches its audiences.

Brand Buddha is passionate about an audience-first approach, as it enables us to understand what motivates people to choose our clients.


  • Brand Positioning & Architecture
  • Digital customer experience journey
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Brand strategy/ business strategy alignment
  • Internal Branding: Employee engagement theme, strategy and plan
  • Brand architecture system development
Brand Research
  • Brand and name equity research
  • Brand positioning development
  • Market segmentation and customer acquisition strategy
  • Positioning evaluation and messaging prioritization
  • Customer experience journey
  • Effectiveness tracking and ROI measurement
  • Creative evaluation
  • Communications optimization
Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand strategy
  • Vision, mission, values development
  • Brand positioning and pillars
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Culture change
  • Voice of the brand messaging
Brand Creative
  • Corporate identity
  • Visual expression and brand guidelines
  • Sales tools 
  • Marketing execution
Brand Operationalization
  • Customer experience journey to bring the brand to life
  • Campaign to launch the newly defined brand
  • Brand metrics and management
  • Brand infusion into the culture of the organization

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