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Stewart Surf

Reposition Stewart Surfboards to engage with its global audience via social media and graduate the internal commerce operations from a largely manual process to an e-commerce platform-centered approach.


Evolve a brick-and-mortar brand into a e-commerce powerhouse

The Challenges.

Stewart Surfboards, a 40-year-old global brand needed a better way to engage with its audience that is found all over the world. Additionally, most of the business generated was located within physical brick-and-mortar locations. Stewart wished to transition the majority of their business to an e-commerce platform.

Our Approach.

Our strategy team initially performed a thorough discovery of past social media engagement, and, with consultation with Stewart’s leadership, we developed a comprehensive profile of audiences and personas.

We built out new digital properties, social media designs, and a new e-commerce website. Our creative team reworked the company’s messaging with a new set of brand style guidelines that would influence and guide the company’s new social media approach.

Once the new e-commerce infrastructure was in place, our teams developed strategic social media campaigns designed to drive brand loyalty and recognition. But, more importantly, the new campaign structures were built to drive e-commerce success.

Project By Numbers.

Brand Buddha’s impact on the iconic Stewart Surfboard brand and it’s global reach cannot be overstated.

Here are a few top line outcomes.

Increase in social media engagement
New global monthly digital engagements
Average monthly increase in site visitors
New average monthly board orders

What We Built.

Brand Buddha’s creative teams designed and built a comprehensive website to showcase the historic Stewart brand. Additionally, our strategy team developed an integrated marketing campaign using a mix of traditional and digital tactics to promote worldwide engagement with a truly global audience.

Digital Properties
Fundraising Platform

  • Stewart website
  • Social platform designs
  • Campaign landing pages

Analytics &

We created a robust analytics platform for the entire Stewart digital and e-commerce ecosystem.

This led to a deeper understanding of who was at the various stages of awareness, consideration, and conversion of a very complicated service uptake model.  Additionally, it provided a roadmap to optimize the entire digital Stewart experience.



  • Content and messaging strategies/ calendars
  • 70 creative executions and content pieces
  • New video series
  • User-generated content operation

Awareness Campaigns

From social media contests to global photo events Brand Buddha was able to engage a diverse audience that had varied attachments to a decades-old brand that led to high re-engagement and a deeper pull-through into Stewart’s brand and their e-commerce funnels.



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