People first.

And second.

And third…

We’re a tribe, house, clan, team and familia that opts out of “group think” but prefers “you think.” That gives everyone here a meaningful purpose, autonomy and an environment which allows their work to flourish.

Just ask any of the unique individuals who choose to work here and become a part of the Buddha family. They’re a lot alike, and yet, so different. What keeps them here is the unique culture that’s been organically cultivated at Buddha; it’s people first, first and foremost. How does this factor in to your organization? If the people here are happy and love what they do, that passion will pour into the quality and passion of the work they produce. It’s inescapable.



  • Vision



    Paul’s passion for the Buddha team and his dedication to our clients is an easy path to follow. His guidance fosters the core of our culture. Paul insists on showcasing why our people come first and how that is a tremendous benefit to our clients. Paul has moved Buddha beyond the stereotypes of what an “agency” is and fashioned the company as a truly revolutionary mix of creative and data, that is built specifically to help our clients succeed. Period.

  • Strategy



    Meet Will, the second half of Buddha’s indomitable leadership. His ability to invigorate the troops is unparalleled. And, like most fantastic leaders, he thrives on our team’s success and ensuring that clients know what Buddha can do from them while managing and driving our agency to success. Buddha wouldn’t be Buddha without his vibrancy and passion for his team and the work that we all accomplish together.

  • Client Strategy


    Director of Strategy

    Our Director oversees the strategic planning and growth for all of Buddha’s clients. They assist in managing the work that our team produces while implementing solutions to challenging and complex engagements. Pivotal in turning your vision into a reality by painstakingly crafting iconic customer experiences, they build consumer loyalty and deliver measurable results for every effort.

  • Art Direction



    Where art meets commerce. Our AD translates your marketing strategy into a relevant and impactful visual representation while managing numerous projects from concept through production. Also wearing the hat of user experience designer, he ensures that your site's graphics and technology work together to seamlessly direct the pathway customers follow while meeting your organization’s creative needs.

  • Creative Direction


    Associate Creative Director

    Associate Creative Director oversees and inspires the creativity of our team to ensure the development of Buddha’s creative products and brand voice. In addition to guiding creative,, he is also instrumental in ensuring that the look, feel, and tone of your campaign is on brand and meeting your organization’s needs by targeting and engaging your customers.

  • Development


    Director of Technology

    Our Director of Technology is responsible for building websites for our clients. They bring your website to life, taking wireframes and creating a functioning, visually appealing, and responsive site that features a user-friendly design concept. A versatile and responsive website ensures that an organization is able to meet the needs of their customers and is easily navigable across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

  • UX / UI

    UX Designer

    The research problem solver and defender of the user journey! The UX Designer understands user needs within a particular website—through research, wireframing, and user testing, they design solutions that blends the needs of users and organizations.

  • Illustration



    At Brand Buddha, our designers are strategic juggernauts who pay as close attention to your brand as they do typefaces and color palettes. Our graphic designers are proficient in concept development, print, and digital design. They oversee in-house illustration efforts while also utilizing a variety of traditional and digital mediums to meet your needs.

  • Design



    From logos to infographics to packaging trade show booth design and everything in between, our designers bring a wealth of creative experience to Brand Buddha. They specialize in providing your brand with the attention to detail you need to stand out in your industry. Everything that they design is specifically calibrated to reach your consumers. They’re usually the first to get to work and the last to leave.

  • Motion Graphics



    Our motion designer tells your organization's story through moving images that are compelling and revolutionary. With a strong dose of imagination, attention to detail, and a veritable set of skills, our motion designer creates content that features animations, graphics, or visual effects. Their skillset breathes life into the Buddha creative process. The end result is a creative process that brings your message to life while visually supporting your business goals.

  • Content



    Our Content Strategist analyzes and compiles content techniques for your organization. By investigating your competitors, they create compelling and unique content deliverables specifically catered to your audience all while respecting the almighty SEO and keywords. Bonus hit is that they can write a mean blog and some kick-butt copy.

  • Digital Campaigns



    The Buddha strategist offers a combination of fantastic digital chops with a mastery of data and its effect on technology, catered to your brand in order to capitalize on unique marketing opportunities for your organization. They specialize in crafting campaigns that provide multi-channel marketing strategies for your organization. Their strategies include metrics that measure implementation and strategy to improve your digital front-facing interactions, all the while guiding your brand to a strategically sound future.

  • Data Science



    The Director of Data Science brings to life Brand Buddha's special blend of modern data magic. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning technologies, the data scientist delivers data-driven insights for any project.

  • Science Writer



    The Senior Science Writer creates and curates science-specific content that makes healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations shine. They take technical topics and launch them into the content stratosphere while compiling and editing using brand guidelines and always ensuring the content is SEO- and information-rich.

  • SEO



    Research, audit, analyze, repeat. Our SEO (search engine optimization) expert maintains your organization’s footprint while ensuring that your organization and content are visible to your brand’s target audience of potential and current customers. They reach that specific audience through tracking SEO-dense content, building quality backlinks, analyzing customer results, and managing your businesses online analytics.

  • Social



    Every brand deserves a unique digital voice. Our social media manager creates and maintains a client’s social presence—strategically tailored to their goals. They manage social accounts by adding and engaging with followers, maintaining a specially curated tone and voice that integrates brand and client expectations to build a following. They become the keeper of your brand’s social identity.

  • Project MGMT



    Our Senior Project Manager is part-manager, part-client relations. They are responsible for planning, organizing, managing, and budgeting projects from inception to completion. Our project managers are over-achieving client pleasers that manage client communications and commitment expectations.

  • Business Development


    Business Development

    Brand Buddha's Business Development leader is the first point of contact for clients entering the Buddha universe. Specializing in the intricacies of Pharmaceutical and Life Science industries, our Biz Dev is uniquely equipped to identify how Brand Buddha can help organizations improve.

  • Account MGMT


    Account Manager

    The conduit between Brand Buddha and you, our AM works to strategically cultivate long-term relationships. They’re your champion, determining your needs by analyzing current business models and how they can be improved by Buddha team. An expert in business development and strategic consulting, they are here to help you increase your organization’s value and meet your needs.

  • Accounting



    Our Accountant operates our entire department. They ensure that client accounts are current and that Buddha’s finances are organized. They manage accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders, revenue tracking, all while managing our bottom line as well as yours, without hitches or delays. She plays a key role and she really knows how to make our accounting department sing.

  • Vibe


    Minister of Vibe

    Our vibrant Gina's smile is the first thing our clients see when they visit Buddha. Her goal is to continually gauge and support the culture here at Buddha. From stocking the fridge with inclusive treats to overseeing the team’s cohesion, Gina keeps Brand Buddha moving like a well-oiled, well-fed machine.

  • Our outcomes speaks for themselves.
    See our work.

    Putting people first fuels inspiration. We start with our people. If our Buddha employees feel taken care of it shows in their work which, in turn, translates to excellent services that reach the client. The client then feels that passion and it, in effect, gets passed to the customer.

    Ultimately, this holistic, connected, and thoughtful approach creates a lasting and impressive footprint on a large scale—whether you’re launching a new brand or product, rebranding an existing one, or simply looking to reach a new demographic–we’re inspired from the inside out.

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