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The Power Of A Strong Brand Identity. [Infographic]

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind” — WALTER LANDOR, a renowned packaging designer

Great science won’t sell itself, but a brand identity can help boost your sales. One of your company’s most valuable assets is its brand identity. The reason is simple: strong branding communicates reliability and trust, helps your audience differentiate you from your competitors, and positively influences their purchasing decisions. It essentially shapes your clients’ perceptions of who you are and what you stand for. 

But brand identity is much more than a name or logo. According to Hubspot, a brand “lives and evolves in the minds and hearts of consumers. Its identity, therefore, is crucial to the business’s future.” Although it’s true your logo is the most recognizable part of your brand, as it’s on everything from your business cards to your website to your online ads, creating a memorable brand is all about consistency. This consistency means your target audience is being exposed to your brand’s core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements repeatedly, which can help to solidify its brand recognition.
A well-designed brand identity moves your company forward, increasing momentum in recognition. This infographic highlights 9 statistics that show the impact of branding and messaging:

Are you interested in learning more about brand identity?

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