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Thought leadership and best practices are constantly changing.

Brand Buddha’s strategic workshops bridge past thinking, old marketing practices, and key brand strategies with Today’s best ideas, processes, and branding strategies that drive results today. We collaborate with your company’s key thinkers and leaders to realign your brand for success. The result is a deeper understanding of who you are, what your brand stands for, and how to drive real outcomes by leaning into better ideas and campaigns by activating your mission, vision, and brand values. 

Our workshop outcomes eliminate indecision and execution hesitancy from your marketing practices so you can address your most pressing brand challenges quickly. Your team will feel empowered and embrace a higher level of brand purpose that leads to creativity in ideation, clarity in communication, and excellence in execution.

Our Workshops

Naming Workshop
The goal of this workshop is to develop a series of potential names for either a brand or a brand's products.  The process involves ideating around both the mission/vision/values of the brand and some loftier additions that can influence the new name.  The workshop produces a framework that culminates in three rounds of review with stakeholders.  The process also allows for the shortlist of name candidates to be shared with a trademark attorney to run preliminary screenings and/or deep dive searches in your trademark class(s) to determine commercial viability.
  • Ideate around naming conventions
  • Develop groupings of preliminary names
  • Round 1 presentation of names with rationales
  • Receive feedback surrounding likability and branding potential
  • Shortlist 2nd round for administrative legal review
  • Finalize name
Brand Identity Workshop
Your brand exists for a fundamental reason, and it’s guided by unique values and beliefs that make a difference in people’s lives. This workshop will define and align around all three of these crucial brand statements. Your mission statement does not describe what you do; it describes why you do it. It has nothing to do with being “the best” or “fastest” or “most trusted” or “most profitable.” Your purpose, vision, and values go deeper than what you’re selling. And it won’t change each time the market shifts or the wind blows. In this workshop, we’ll build brand pillars and mission/vision/value statements that inspire people within the company and inspire people outside the company to care. Post-workshop you will be able to speak to the following:
  • This is why we exist.
  • This is what we aspire to achieve.
  • How our brand concepts guide everything we do
Audience/Persona Development Workshop
Speaking to your audience can be prohibitively expensive.  Ensuring that your audiences are clearly defined ensures the lowest possible cost-to-acquire new clients.  Additionally, defining your audiences' personas, the snapshot of who these people really are ensure you will communicate in such a way that your audiences will obsess over your brand. This workshop is designed to ensure the understanding of who your audience is, where they are found, what content they like to consume, and what motivates them to take action and engage with your brand. Additionally,  the workshop creates a tone of voice and visual language that speaks to your target audience.
  • What are the different audience segments?
  • What are the demographics, and psychographics of your audience segments?
  • What are their pain points?
  • How do they like to learn about new brands?
  • What channels do they use to communicate?
  • What do they want most from your brand?
Big Concept Workshop
Every organization should regularly develop a big pillar concept that anchors your marketing efforts. It pulls in all of your branding, your internal and external communication, that becomes the big theme, the over-arching message to your audiences. It inspires your leaders, invigorates your team, and becomes an instantly recognizable idea that speaks to your existing and prospective customers. How do we develop these big concepts? This workshop becomes the fertile ground where new ideas are born.  Together with your leadership team we pour over past campaigns, your best ads, messaging executions, and ideas.  We pull in the needs of your audience, their motivations.  We concept a handful of big-tent ideas and dig deep as we develop the messaging, the taglines, and the visual possibilities.  In this workshop, we will answer:
  • What is your next big concept?
  • How can you own the concept?
  • Will it connect with your audiences?
  • Is it strong enough to live 18-36 months?
  • Is it large enough that it can propel other side-messaging efforts?
Best Practices Workshop
Your marketing team has a thousand things to do every day.  It can be difficult to continuously level up their skillsets in addition to the hours every day they spend creating and writing. Our workshop team experts stay current on all new trends, tools, and techniques that are driving the best outcomes across the marketing and media landscapes.   We routinely design specialty workshops to address corporate marketing teams' skillset needs. If you've been feeling like one particular area of specialty in your marketing department could use a shot of adrenaline this unique approach will fit you like a glove.  We offer workshops on:
  • Social media
  • Content - paid, earned, owned
  • Project management
  • Campaign design and management
Custom Workshop
Often there’s no one-size-fits-all workshop. It's possible as you read through our workshop descriptions you find you're envisioning something different for your team. Brand Buddha offers customized workshops or project scoping sessions tailored to your specific goal or unique problem and can create a plan of action to solve it.

How It Works.

Are you ready to chat about a workshop?

Step 1

Reach out using our contact form. We’ll schedule a 20-minute call to speak briefly and understand what you need and why.

Step 2

Engagement is easy. We’ll send you an agreement, an invoice, payment information to get started.  We will send you a welcome packet that overviews which materials to gather, and a detailed questionnaire that will cover the details we will need to understand to match the workshop agenda to your needs.

Step 3

Post engagement we will schedule a workshop discovery call with your stakeholders. Depending upon the type of workshop we may schedule individual interviews with your stakeholders and senior leadership as well. This provides your most important company voices an opportunity to share further insights about the brand and business challenges we’re aiming to solve. We’ll schedule the workshop date and time, and send you the agenda for the session.

Step 4

On the day of the workshop, our team will meet with you onsite, or at an offsite location and we’ll get right to work. We facilitate pre-planned exercises specifically tailored to your business objectives. We build in fun interactive exercises, 5-minute brain breaks, and more during your session.

Step 5

After the workshop, we send you a summary of data and messaging captured,  and an initial report with a list of strategic recommendations that will inform the direction of our final reports. Regardless of the workshop, you use the result is always deeper clarity, alignment, and strategic direction to guide your team forward confidently.

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