Brand Buddha sweetens the Lysulin brand with an updated retail and direct-to-consumer branding do-over


Product Rebrand

Supplement/Pharma–Retail and Direct to consumer

In a market poised to grow to almost $60 Billion by 2025, sticking out in a swelling and cluttered category space is no easy task. Lysulin, a supplement that is clinically proven to lower A1c (Glucose levels) in consumers with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, did not have a brand strategy that was conducive to market acceptance in either the retail or direct to consumer channels.

Lysiun Website


Brand Buddha methodically researched the market, developed visual strategies and messaging-based copy to evolve the new Lysulin brand look. Both were used to create the new, all marketing collateral, digital and social assets as well as retail conference materials.

Lysulin Layouts
Lysulin Display Examples


Visual Identity

Logo Design and Usage

Color Palette


Print Design

UI/UX design

Web Development

Messaging & Content

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Product Photography

Freedom Innovations

Brand Buddha sprinted to the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, and Freedom Innovations won.

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