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Landmark Health

We developed a multi-channel marketing campaign, utilizing traditional and digital elements for a pilot program in North Carolina. 


Introduce Landmark Health and its revolutionary approach to healthcare to the North Carolina community it serves.

The Challenges.

Landmark Health desired to launch a DTC delivery model for a risk-sharing home healthcare delivery model.  The company’s leadership team was interested in creating a marketing and communications model that could scale from a regional pilot program to more than 22 markets nationally. The models needed research to uncover resonant messaging that would connect with a hard-to-reach elderly population, Identify relevant channels where target audiences frequent, and design anticipated patient journey roadmaps that predict levels of engagement and efficacy at the various stages of conversion.     

Landmark Health leadership needed marketing messaging, deployment, and conversion proof of concept to initiate a national rollout.

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Our Approach.

Brand Buddha’s partnership with Landmark Health began with research of target demographic and psychographic markers of expected audiences.  Focus testing of new messaging and patient persona research preceded the development of five big ideas that would ensure rapid and deep engagement with Landmark’s brand and the desired messages that would create brand awareness and service understanding.

Brand Buddha married a robust HIPAA CRM platform with channel deployment, program analytics and optimization models.   We built out new customer-facing digital properties including the core website, sign-up interfaces, and social media frameworks.

Once the marketing and communications infrastructure of the project had been completed the pilot program graduated to the deployment of strategic campaigns. Out-of-home billboards were employed along major freeways. Media was purchased for local tv and tv-top distribution.  Direct mail married to online engagement pages ensured that an elderly, technologically challenged audience would be able to be exposed to Landmark Health’s branding and service offerings.

Project By The Numbers.

Brand Buddha began working with Landmark Health leadership to design a comprehensive marketing pilot program in North Carolina.  The range of areas where quantifiable outcomes were produced was broad.


Campaign Impressions
Out-of-Home Impressions
Increased Regional Website Traffic
Increased Inbound Calls

What We Built.

We developed a multi-channel marketing campaign, utilizing traditional and digital elements for a pilot program in North Carolina. Landmark had never utilized traditional marketing elements in lead generation and acquisition efforts until this pilot program.

The "Big Idea."

  • Five transcendent ideas that effectively conveyed LH’s value proposition, services, and connection to its audience.

Full-Cycle Campaigns

From a robust out-of-home campaign including billboards, an international airport experience, local malls, and bus stops, to regional PR campaigns, Brand Buddha was able to blanket the entire Landmark Health pilot service geography for more than six months ensuring message saturation across all key demographics.

HIPAA Compliant
Database and CRM Operations

Working with healthcare information has a range of potential pitfalls.  Brand Buddha built a secure ecosystem that allowed for broad-based communication with potential healthcare patients in a compliant yet production fashion.
  • CRM
  • Attribution models for successful measurement of communications and outbound marketing efforts.
  • Analytics and optimization

Messaging, Collateral
Creative Executions

  • Content and messaging strategies/ calendars
  • 100+ creative executions and content pieces



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