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Rapid Release

We developed an inbound marketing program utilizing digital channels to generate leads and sales. Then refined and optimized individual campaigns based on performance.


Increase online sales and leads while decreasing the Cost Per Conversion for an innovative medical device.

The Challenges.

Rapid Release was struggling to develop an E-commerce model that reduced the cost-to-conversion from over $100 per sale down to a more profitable number.

Despite spending an outsized media budget on direct advertising Rapid Release had labored under the weight of an outdated visual identity and a messaging framework that was overly technical and failed to connect with their audiences.  New messaging was needed and a better UX/UI for existing and potential customers.

Our Approach.

Our first task was to understand where in the existing customer journey potential clients were entering then falling out of the Rapid Release funnel.  Our analytics team updated the analytics architecture of the existing RR digital properties and website.

Our strategy team identified 11 areas of concern and built a new approach that accounted for the deficiencies in messaging, branding, content, and infrastructure.

Project by the numbers.

Rapid Release became a partner when cost-to-acquisition was well over $300 per transaction.   That cost was reduced to just over $30 CTC.

Here are a few top line outcomes.

Fewer steps in the customer journey
Reduction in CTC timeline
Reduction in client acquistion costs
Increased Call Volume
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What We Built.

Brand Buddha’s creative teams designed and built a new Rapid Release e-commerce experience that was much more aligned with customer’s expectations for a video-based funnel experience. This foundation allowed for a tighter funnel with fewer acquisition steps, less clicks to convert, and it allowed Rapid Release to more effectively website to showcase the Rapid Release medical device family of products. 

User Experience
E-commerce Website

  • New e-commerce functionality
  • Updated UX/UI for few clicks to conversion
  • Redesigned social media strategy
  • Scaleable growth strategy

Analytics &

We created a robust analytics platform for the entire Rapid Release digital ecosystem.

This led to a deeper understanding of who was at the various stages of awareness, consideration, and conversion of a very complicated service uptake model.  Additionally, it provided a roadmap to optimize the entire Rapid Release digital experience.

Video Content
Supporting Collateral

  • Content and messaging strategies/ calendars
  • 50+ creative executions, ads, and content pieces

Paid, Earned, & Owned

We designed a simplified approach to Rapid Release’s customer acquisition model.  New and faster content creation, dissemination, and measurement tools were built to reduce cost and improve outcomes across all campaign asset classes.



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