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Activate Your Value Proposition for Higher Engagement & More Sales [Webinar Video]

Click to watch the recorded webinar, Activate Your Value Proposition for Higher Engagement & More Sales- and read the Q&A that followed for more tips and insights.

The value proposition is the most basic reason a client will engage with you and buy from you. It is a single, clear statement that communicates clearly the value your enterprise brings to the market.

A clearly defined value proposition is essential for enabling your entire business footprint to understand and communicate its value – i.e. product development, business development, customer service, marketing department, etc.


Q1. Is it hard to develop a Value Proposition?

A1.  Yes, and no. If your company is new and doesn’t have a known presence in your market place developing an effective value proposition is easier.  Most of the development work will revolve around what you think you are, what you want to become, etc.  

If you have a recognizable brand or have been in the market for a while, people will already have an impression of your brand, your products and services, and your company’s ethos.  This would include not only your existing and potential customers but your employees, your leadership, your vendors, etc.  Trying to build or rework a non-functioning value proposition can be challenging under those conditions.  You might benefit from engaging a branding agency (like Brand Buddha) To facilitate the process.

Q2. How long should my Value Proposition be?

A2. It should be as short as possible yet still convey all of your brand value.  

Your value proposition should be a memorable, single sentence that communicates your benefits to the consumer. Additionally, you can build a subparagraph that goes into a bit of detail but remember that pith is valued when speaking to your audiences.  Trying to make a large, written sales pitch in your Value Proposition is not advised.

Q3. Once I have my Value Proposition done how do I use it effectively?

A3.  This is a huge question.  Branding experts and strategists will tell you that defending your brand in today’s multi-channel, content-hungry world is not just challenging, but overwhelmingly difficult.  Many companies employ someone in-house who guards all employee and customer-facing communications, ads, social posts, etc to ensure that they accurately represent your mission/vision/values.  Over time it’s incredibly easy to drift away from your lofty, idealistic views of your company.  Make sure you protect your brand’s messaging.  Make sure every communication reflects the benefits to your customer.  Hold to that ideal and you’ll be just fine. 

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