Brand Buddha’s Will Gould Discusses Merging Genomics and Digital Marketing

Will Gould has seen it allfrom the concept to acquisition of three successful enterprises. Now, he serves as the President and Chief Strategy Officer of BrandBuddha, a full-service marketing agency that understands the genomics space.

As leader and executor of strategic planning, Will Gould cannot wait to bring the untapped potential of digital strategy to the 68th American Society of Human Genetics Annual Conference this Oct. 16-20, 2018.

“Genomics companies are breaking ground in a way that the world has never seen. I want to be a part of that story, I want to help build that story,” says Will. However, genomics is a challenging industry. Most genomic companies are introducing big, unknown concepts to the world; it’s common for growth to slow and marketing efforts to stunt due to competition and outdated tools. Regardless of the challenge, Will Gould knows that these stories need to be told.

Amidst leading scientists from around the world, Will brings the potential of strategic digital marketing to the cutting-edge discussion on human genetics. A gathering of 6,500 scientific attendees and 250 exhibitors will collaborate on dire topics within the genomics industry, where Will Gould will address brand messaging and marketing from early stages to driving revenue.

“Watching a company go from code or CEO concept, and then to develop it with the marketing and sales strategies that drive successful revenue is fulfilling.” He’s seen it happen before, and he’ll see it happen again; when your genomic company breaks ground, let Will Gould write your story to the world.

On the pulse of the marketing and genomics business, he’ll use only the most modern methods to drive your genomic company’s success. He does this by, “ensuring the new ideas in our spacein terms of marketing, brandingget their due attention so that clients [can] benefit from thoughtful leadership and tech solutions.” Will focuses and works hard to prevent obsolescence and partake in only the most proven, effective strategies.

According to Thomas Foley, Enterprise Sales Executive at Singular, “Will is a fantastic leader who keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s happening within his team, company, and industry.”

The conference will host a range of ancillary, exhibitor, social, and trainee events in the form of educational sessions, workshops, forums, networking receptions, poster sessions, presentations, and more. The ASHG Exhibit Hall offers an opportunity for your company to boost your brand and build connections with old and new customers.

If you want the stats, he’s earned a plethora of credits542 from eight universities to be exact. But these numbers can’t begin to encapsulate the wisdom he’s gained from 15 years of experience leading professionals within an array of disciplines. When you break genomics ground, let Will Gould share your story with the story.

We’d love to see you at this year’s ASHG Annual Meeting, the largest human genetics meeting, and exposition on earth. That’s also where you’ll find Brand Buddha, the branding agency that understands the genomics space.

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