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Your creative looks great. Your content has been meticulously crafted to attract your desired audience. You believe you’ve done everything right and followed the content creation process to a T. Yet, your engagement numbers are lower than the approval rating for the ending of Game of Thrones. (Yes, I’m still bitter). So what’s going on?

The do’s and don’ts of the social media world are constantly fluid. This is an industry that has completely transformed the way the world operates during its short existence. What may be best practice now can easily become something to avoid just a short time later. Without getting too into the minutiae of the social media world, the following are a few current best practices that can help you get those engagement numbers up to where you want them. 

Content Strategy

You should approach your strategy by first understanding what your goals are. If your goal is increased audience engagement, each piece of content needs to be built out in a way that caters to that goal. Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and utilizing tools to measure these KPI, will also allow you to better construct and position content in the future. 

Get to Know Your Elders 

Across all all age groups, social mediause is at an all time high and continues to rise year over year on all platforms. One of the fastest growing user demographics is the retired adult. They also happen to be one of the least talked to demographics. The social mediaworld is no longer a “young man’s game”. Not speaking to this audience is a guaranteed way to see your mediocre engagement numbers stay there. While this demographic may have been slow to adopt initially, 73% of adults aged 65+ are using the internet as of 2019. They are here now and they’re not going anywhere. Talk to them. 

Video, Video, Video

Does every single piece of content you release into the world need to have a custom made video to go along with it? No. That would be great though. However, real world constraints like timelines and budget tend to see video take the backseat to more traditional media. With that being said, there has been a continuous rise in reported ROI on deployed video assets. Just a short time ago in 2015, only a third said they got good ROI. That number more than doubled in the next year, and has since seen further increases, peaking in 2020 at 88% and settling in 2021 at 87%. But we’re talking about engagement here. Video has you covered there as well. Put simply, it’s what users want to see these days. You can fit more easily digestible information into a 15 second video than you can a week’s worth of social mediaposts. Videos do more than make your posts more engaging, they make your brand more engaging. Video is the second most-used content type on social mediato increase audience engagement. 

Are You Listening? 

We’ve all been there. You’re having a conversation with someone, but your words just don’t seem to be landing. They continue to keep talking, but they don’t seem to acknowledge anything you’ve said. It feels like a one-way conversation. It’s extremely off putting right? They’re not listening. Companies and brands make the same mistake, often with swift and lasting consequences. A prime example of this is EA’s response to a Reddit comment regarding pricing for some of its in-game extras. In short, you had to reach a certain level of playing hours to access extra content or play as your favorite character. Or you could fork over more money. This didn’t sit well with the internet. In response to a cascade of negative comments on Reddit, EA chose to respond to one of these comments with a long vanilla response that offered no fix to the solution. EA’s comment became the most downvoted comment of all time on Reddit, a Guiness World Record it still holds to this day. You must listen to your audience before you speak. 


Social media engagement is essential for brand growth, recognition, and conversion rates. This is no longer a set of platforms that you have just to exist out in the digital world. Your social media accounts are a personification of your brand. Audiences these days would much rather engage by firing off a Tweet or direct messaging a company on Instagram, than call a customer service phone line. Your social media accounts are things you need to nourish and invest time and resources into if you want real, organic engagement from your audience. Have a strategy, know who your audience is, know what they want, and listen. Implementing these tactics will assist you on your path towards increasing your social media engagement. 

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