[Top 3] Genomics Companies at LSIA 2018

2018 has been a great year for genomics! Companies are breaking ground on life-altering techniques that are changing the way that we look at the future of biology.

The Life Science Industry Awards® allow thousands of scientists to vote for their favorite life science companies. Ten awards are presented including Best Use of Social Media and Most Useful Website are presented to finalists.

Top 3 Genomics Companies to Watch at the Life Science Industry Awards

This year, five companies were nominated for the Company to Watch in 2019. We’ve selected the top three we believe are not only contributing to the future of genomics but doing so with social media marketing.

1. Lexogen

With unique proprietary expression profiling technologies that enable detailed analysis of the complete transcriptome as well as individual full-length RNAs of interest, Lexogen is a company that is quickly making a mark and revolutionizing genomic profiling.

Founded in 2007 with the support of both private capital and public funds. Lexogen is supported by several different organizations including the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, the Austria Wirtschaftsservice AWS, and the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien. Based at the Vienna BioCenter in Vienna, Austria, Lexogen also has a subsidiary in New Hampshire, USA. 50 percent of Lexogen employees work in R&D.

Lexogen aims to bring forth scientific answers to the fundamental questions about life by developing new solutions and maximizing the potential of the sequencing technologies with innovative breakthroughs.

Lexogen describes itself as a company at the forefront of the fastest developing technology, and we agree.  

2. Fluidigm

Fluidigm is an organization that creates and manufactures innovative technologies and life science tools specifically designed to revolutionize biology through the relentless pursuit of scientific truth. At its core, Fluidigm technologies enable the exploration and analysis of individual cells as well as the industrial application of genomics. Three of the company’s instruments have proven to be workhorses in the genomics industry: Juno™, the Biomark™ HD and C1™ systems. In fact, Time magazine named Juno one of the 25 best inventions of the year.

With more than 1,000 valued customers, Fluidigm is helping to pioneer the field of genomics by providing faster, more accurate, lower-cost workflows to help improve people’s lives.

Fluidigm is headquartered in South San Francisco, California, with support operations around the world, Fluidigm is changing genomics, one product at a time.

3. Oxford Nanopore

Oxford Nanopore Technologies aims to disrupt the paradigm of biological analysis by designing and producing high performance, novel DNA/RNA sequencing technology that is accessible and easy to use.

Used in more than 80 countries, Nanopore’s technology is being used in large-scale human genomics, cancer research, microbiology, plant science, and environmental research and has the potential to provide rapid, meaningful information in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, food, and water surveillance, and in education.

Nanopore’s recently launched PromethION, the largest format for nanopore sequencing, designed to offer on-demand use of up to 48 Flow Cellseach of which can provide more than 100Gb of sequencing data.

Nanoprene says that they have Biology for anyone, anywhere and they’re proving that every day with their game-changing technological advances.

No matter who ends up walking away with The Life Science Industry Award® for Company to Watch in 2019, these three companies are hubs of innovation and are working to improve the way that we look at genomics.

2019 is going to be a fantastic year of innovation with these companies leading the charge in advancing technology to help genomics and the world.  

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