[Top 10] Nonprofits Killing It with Social Media Branding

Social media branding has become a window that connects everyone around the world. Nonprofits are using social networks to connect with followers and showcase the strides they are making to reach goals. 

The following nonprofits are using social media branding to boost their brand and promote causes across the world, while also engaging their audiences and collecting funds to reach their goals. What makes them unique?

Top 10 Nonprofits Killing It with Social Media Branding


10. Charity: Water

Charity: Water’s goal is to get clean water to everyone on the planet. With image-heavy social content and a clean visual look, they work to tell the stories of who they’re helping while showcasing exactly where donations are going. Charity: Water is engaging well with millennials and showcasing the importance of engaging the human side of their cause. The image of people receiving water while they discuss how Charity: Water is changing their lives is compelling for donors and fans alike.

9. Code.Org

Code.org focuses on bridging the technological gap at an earlier age. This institution’s goal is to ensure that all schools have teachers trained to teach computer science. Their social impact is widened on social media with posts connecting to the importance of coding to life and why minorities and young girls need to code. They prove that all it takes to reach underrepresented minorities is invest in teacher capabilities and rural environments to build a new, technologically savvy, generation not limited by their financial means. They use social media branding to showcase the value of their program for students from all different backgrounds.

8. Gates Foundation

Gates Foundation
The Gates Foundation aims to invest health equity between all social classes and incomes. One successful fundraiser held by the Gates Foundation harbored the power of social media and art together to raise capital for an organization looking to vaccinate children. By leveraging the popularity of the founders and #VaccinesWork, the foundation’s analysts monitored news coverage and the social media conversation to ensure their marketing executed their messaging.

7. The Humane Society

One of the biggest organizations working to end animal cruelty, The Humane Society works to spread awareness about their cause and to garner supporters for many of their causes. They embraced social media early, moving from Myspace to Facebook and Twitter early and cultivating their audiences to spread awareness and donate to causes. The Humane Society social feeds leverage the use of hashtags to build a strong brand presence on social media.


The American Civil Liberties Union knows how important it is to cultivate social media to promote their social justice causes, leveraging social feeds to attract new donors and retain existing ones. The most important aspect of the ACLU’s interactions on social media is an unwavering commitment to the first amendment. They know the value of not confronting internet trolls, only wading in when they feel the need to clarify something for their followers. They drive the conversation to the importance of advocacy and social justice, encouraging everyone to participate in discussions about social justice.

5. Save the Children US

Save the Children focuses on giving children around the world the opportunity for a healthy start and the chance at a real future. Social media is an opportunity for Save the Children to fundraise for specific children in need and to tell their stories. Integrating the donation features through Facebook into their process, this organization harnesses the power of small donations and current events to validate the importance of their cause.   With a strong sense for storytelling and a competent way of gathering capital to meet small goals, Save the Children is making great strides to meet their goals.

4. Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch defends the rights of people across the world, spotlighting abuses and fighting for justice. Their strong social media presence is strongly supplemented by firsthand accounts of events that bring their social media followers to their website. Each post that HRW makes furthers their social presence and creates compelling stories that reflect the injustices they are attempting to change.  By harnessing the power of those facing injustice, HRW fights to bring these social issues to light so that they can protect the rights of all humans while also saving lives in the process.


The United Nations Children’s Fund serves children and families in developing countries around the world. Their connection on a personal level to all followers on social media allows them to directly tell harrowing stories of those that they serve. Their use of strong imagery pushes the real stories behind social media campaigns while also engaging quickly and efficiently to those that reach out. This attention to detail allows the community to see UNICEF’s commitment to branding while also driving actual conversions on social media to create a change and achieve their goal of providing humanitarian assistance to families and children.

2. TED

TED is devoted to spreading ideas with powerful, free talks that range from science to social media to global issues in over 100 languages. They work to educate people around the world in a non-biased way. By harnessing the power of video, audio, animation, and even novels TED is able to highlight areas of talks that are intriguing and thought-provoking to inspire their followers to share talks and educate themselves and others. Furthermore, they leverage the impact of TED talks to create videos specifically formulated to be shared on social media that can achieve viral fame. With seven different programs and initiatives, TED is on it’s way to educating people across the world with viral social media posts that harness humans thirst for knowledge. 

1. National Geographic

Did you know that National Geographic has been topping social engaging and social media branding for the past three years? A nonprofit that was once known for nature magazines has become a social media powerhouse known for awe-inducing visual storytelling that brings the world to follower’s screens. NatGeo is consistently working to improve their reach and how they can monetize their infamy to bring even more content to their followers through the National Geographic Society. Most importantly, this Society funds research, science, conservation, and exploration, which in turn creates more content for the brand.

All of these nonprofits use social media to boost their brand image while also pushing out shareable and engaging content that keeps followers coming back time and time again. They’ve established what their followers engage with and they leverage that to reach fundraising goals.

Each of these nonprofits is a lesson to any nonprofit looking to build their social media profile across multiple platforms. It’s integral that social channels give followers what they’re looking for in order to get donations, likes, and shares. Do you know any other nonprofit making great strides to further their fundraising goals with social media branding?


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