The Brand Benefits of Data Visualization

When overloaded with meaningless numbers, data doesn’t mean a thing. But in the right hands, it could. With data visualization, your brand can speed-up absorption rates, amplify meaning, increase impact, drive engagement, and showcase authenticity. Images are one of the most powerful communicative tools; combine them with stone-cold numbers and you’ve created a call to action your audience cannot ignore. Ensure your team is equipped to derive meaning and create insightful visuals. Data visualization turns numbers into something we can see and a brand we can feel.

Brand Benefits of Data Visualization

Data visualization is a valuable tool that many brands don’t take full advantage of it. The following highlights the brand benefits of data visuals:

Faster Absorption

In a world of short attention spans and time constraints, data visualizations are essential. 90 percent of the information a brain absorbs is visual; furthermore, we comprehend visuals 60,000 times faster than text. For example, when viewing a circle we know it’s a circle. But what if I asked you to guess the shape of a curved line with all points equal distance from the center? It’s a little more confusing.

A textual explanation requires more time and effort into understanding. Without words, a visual begins to cross language barriers and operate on a universal dimension. Data visualization will increase your viewer’s absorption rates; so your message, and your brand can sink in at a faster pace on a grand scale.

Amplified Meaning

Data visualization will help clarify the messages. And with clarity, comes meaning. In a cloud of numbers, visuals become a way to connect the dots. Data visualizations encourage us to move beyond information and towards insight. In the process of developing visuals, your brand might discover trends and patterns, or other insightful details necessary to develop the story of your data.

Stories, another powerful tool inherently saturated in meaning, could amplify your message. Consider creating multiple data visuals that connect to narrate the story. Through visuals, we move away from crowded Excel sheets and towards expanded knowledge, solved problems, and a world better navigated.

Bigger Impact

Your brand presence will leave a more significant impact through data visualizations. Visuals involve the cognitive and emotional parts of our brain, whereas text involves limited colors and markings; images provide limitless colors and lines that are more likely to elicit an emotional response. These depictions are actual representations of the world we live in — they’re relatable and something we can all understand.

Overall, data visuals have a higher chance of achieving understanding and evoking a deeper response within your audience. Once this connection you develop this connection, your audience is much more likely to engage. In the end, data does not communicate numbers–it communicates its effect on humans.

Increased Engagement

Data visualizations drive brand engagement. When your audience understands your message, they may feel more comfortable interacting. With understanding comes questioning–the more questions your viewers raise, the more opportunity for response, and engagement. Powerful visuals evoke emotions, driving deeper engagement and more profound change in behavior. Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared; meaning action has been taken 40x more likely in response to a visual.

The more meaning, the deeper the emotional connection, the higher the level of engagement; aided by data visualization.


In a world of regurgitated content, how refreshing is authenticity? To create a data visualizations your brand must utilize highly-personalized, original data. Through the development of the visual and the discovery of patterns and trends, you will build a story that only your brand can tell. You’ve created authentic content.

In the end, the brand benefits of data visualization are limitless. How do your data visualizations empower your brand?

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