Social Buzz: Brand Buddha Social Media in September

Wake me up when September ends… 🎶

Hey! It’s over!

September wasinteresting. Although we count it as the ninth month, sept stands for seven, as the Roman calendar counts it as the seventh month of the year…

So, anywaysif you’re dazed, and confused, and were stuck in a September slumber that caused you to miss out on all things social mediadon’t even worry about it. We’re here to wake you up and get you updated!


If you didn’t already know, Buddha picked up a new hobbysurfingwhich you can track through the hashtag #BuddhaSurfsBarbs. And even more recently, we picked up a new memberour Project Manager Cat Mishalow. She had never been surfing before, and by now she’s caught at least three waves.



There was a lot of noise surrounding the anniversary of 911. We called social media to take a moment of silence in remembrance. What memories come to mind when you reflect on this tragic day?



We gave special insight to our followers on how to really, truly, determine your ROI. Our Content Manager, Amanda, tracked down our Director of Strategy, Aaron, to answer all questions regarding CRM—from what that stands for, to the most promising of pros, and the most threatening of cons. Basically, everything you need to know.



Brand Buddha was invited to an Angel’s game. Not only were we VIP suite exclusive members, but we transported to the game by party bus. As you might imagine, things got a little crazy. If you’re intrigued, check out @brandbuddhagram’s ‘culture’ highlight for a limited time only.


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