Brand Buddha Social Buzz: March in Review

March was a busy month at Brand Buddha. Amid the chaos, we were able to share some exciting content on our social media.

From St. Patrick’s Day videos to trending topics to showcasing the many beautiful faces at Brand Buddha, we touched on a variety of interesting and diverse topics in the month of March. If you’re not following us on social media, here’s what you missed.

Brand Buddha Social Buzz: Month in Review


We shared a glimpse of working life at Brand Buddha, including introducing you to Strategy Director Aaron, and Graphic Designer, Lana.


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12:30pm: What does your lunch break look like? Employees are free to eat lunch in the kitchen or take-off. You’ll find some us wandering the Brand Buddha grounds to catch a breath of fresh air, and look who we found! Our Strategy Director Aaron Costa, a bridge between creative and digital efforts, will weigh statistics and gut-feelings to create winning campaigns for your brand. You never know when a big idea will hit—after reading the latest marketing article, watching your kid ride a bike, or during your lunch break. Ideas are plenty at Brand Buddha, but strategically aligning them with a brand presents more of a challenge—when Aaron’s not on your team, that is. #AgencyLife #LunchBreak #LunchTime #MyFavoriteClassIsLunch #BurritoTime #BigIdeas #Creativity #CreativeAgency #SanClemente #BrandBuddha #TeamBuddha #Marketing #Branding #CreativeMeetsDigital #StrategyDirector #CompanyCulture

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5:00pm: How excited are you when the day’s over? Some of us stay just a bit longer to finish up last minute projects, skateboard in the parking lot, or sketch under the palm trees. Most of us are involved in a wide range of hobbies outside of work from surfing, to painting, jewelry-making, playing guitar, riding horses, racing cars, collecting sneakers, and figure skating. So when the Buddha doors close, it’s time to either bring our creativity elsewhere or binge-watch the latest Netflix series, and then start over again tomorrow. #AgencyLife #YouDontHaveToGoHomeButYouCantStayHere #DoWhatYouLove #CreativeLifestyle #Hobbies #OutsideTheBox #Doodle #Paint #Sketch #Art #Design #Animation #MotionDesigner #MotionGraphics #Video #CompanyCulture #BrandBuddha #CreativeAgency #TeamBuddha #Marketing #Branding #SanClemente

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We made a shareable, fun GIF for St. Patty’s Day 2019 that showcases our sense of humor, as #basic as it is.


We always have jokes at Brand Buddha. It’s no different on April Fool’s Day.


The Frye Festival was again in the news last month following the release of both Netflix and Hulu’s behind-the-scenes look at the disastrous events. We wrote a blog post about the power of influencer marketing and its impact on the debacle and discussed it on LinkedIn.


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