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August was a month of big ideas and new beginnings. Our zero-win softball season ended, so we had to find a new hobby. That extra time led us to unearth some healthcare marketing that’s less boring and more creative than the norm. This marketing includes using documentaries as an advertising medium and the emergence of health companies posing as tech companies in their branding.

Brand Buddha Social Media in August


If you were in the bathroom, talking to your mom, visiting your grandpa, or just entirely missed out, let the FOMO go with this update:


The #BadNewsBuddhas softball season ended, but made way for a new group activity – #BuddhaSurfsBarbs (Buddha Surfs Barbwires)! If you’re not a local, that’s okay – Barbwires is a surf break located just north of Upper Trestles. Stay tuned for photos, footage, and hopefully some epic wipeouts.




We chatted with pharma marketing influencers and executives. From these conversations, we affirmed that avant-garde is more likely to build success more than mundane ever will. We also found that we’re not the only ones struggling with healthcare trolls who we’re continually debating. Should we not respond? Hide and pretend it never happened? Hint: these aren’t the answer.






We shared our insights on the latest, greatest—but mainly best—practices for healthcare and pharma marketing. By the way, have you considered a documentary in your healthcare marketing strategy? Maybe yes, maybe no, but here’s a mandatory—ensure your strategies are sensitive to the most recent Zenith report and its words of wisdom on customer journey mapping. Last but not least, Brand Buddha is not taking AI at face value – we sent our SEO & Analytics lead, Shelby, to embark on an artificial intelligence journey so she can inform our entire team on how to use the tool to empower every specialty at our agency.




We lightly brushed over the fact that the #BadNewsBuddhas season ended, but it wasn’t an easy goodbye – softball brought our team closer together and taught us many life lessons. One of which being—“Believe in something even if it means getting ejected from your own company’s softball game,” according to Paul Saunders, Founder at Brand Buddha.



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