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Why Your Customers Buy From You.

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We’ll cover everything you need to know about marketing to your customer’s motivations so you can be the best marketer you can be.

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Most marketers are decades behind the latest evidence-based marketing methods for success.

“Invite a friend to get $20 off” is the best incentive.

“Give your friend a discount” referrals work 86% better. People want to help their friends, not profit from them.

Use “ We’re happy to help” when speaking to customers.

“I” instead of “We” increases satisfaction and sales. 92% of managers use “We” because of a 1982 stufy.

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Common Mistakes to avoid when branding

You’re probably Measuring What’s Working

We think you will benefit from this newsletter especially if you work in the digital marketing marketing space.

Everything all in one place

Your one-stop-shop to get all the latest news in the psychology of marketing. We share the latest evidence-based methodology to convert organic, paid, social, and email. We cover all of them.

We embrace the Pith

We embrace the Pith

While you can find longer, full-length explanations for those who wish for them, in our newsletter we give you the down-and-dirty- we are short and to the point.

We research so you don’t have to

We research so you don’t have to

No need to go looking for the latest and greatest.  With this newsletter, you get the concentrated juice that hits you right between the eyes with the most important marketing expertise for the week.

Success never looked so good

You’ve got everything you need to be successful in front of your boss or your clients.  You have the latest methods and techniques to succeed in today’s marketplace.