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What follows are questions asked of our panel that required more time to answer than what was afffored during the presentation.

Sandra A:

Question: What percentage of ads that go unseen is a reflection of programmatic inefficiencies?

Answer:  The entire online marketing industry revolves around impressions. How many views your ads receive and clicks. Then there is the real difficulty. How do you know whether your ad is being seen by an actual person, a bot, or not at all?

Clicks and impressions that are bot-generated rather than those from an individual skew data to the point of almost irrelevant. This is one of the biggest problems programmatic advertising faces. This is responsible for huge chunks of advertising budgets resulting in no real results to show for it. The reasoning is that bots do not buy. Recent studies suggest that almost 30% of all ad impressions are consumed by bots. If you worry or wonder about the effectiveness of your paid media campaigns, Brand Buddha can easily audit your media efforts and provide a list of recommendations to capture back either revenue spend or increase engagement effectiveness.

Frank B:

Question:  What is Banner Blindness? 

Answer:  Hubspot CRM suggests that Banner Blindness is a form of selective attention in which web visitors ignore information presented in banners. This can be either conscious or unconscious and is usually done to avoid interacting with ads that may disrupt the user experience.

Lilian F: 

Question: What makes a campaign successful?

Answer: Campaigns are successful when they meet your expectations. Yet, the elements that funnel into a successful campaign are those that easily articulate the brand value to their audience, that clearly communicates their message, and have a strong scroll-stopping creative execution. If you would like to have an end-to-end evaluation of your creative, branding, messaging, and campaign structures, please feel free to engage with us, and we can provide a comprehensive overview of what’s working well and deserves to amplification and where the challenges and opportunities lie within your marketing and sales enablement efforts.

Kristin L: 

Question: Can you describe a few best practices for great creative executions?

Answer:  We often find that the creative executions that follow these best practices, regardless of channel and modality, are the most effective. Indeed, the more of these principles adopted, the more successful they tend to be.

  • Invest in your brand – develop strong brand recognition
  • Show your product or service being used
  • Limit the number of claims you make in any execution to one or two
  • Brevity and simplicity are your friends. Think billboard, not presentation
  • Imagine your message playing without sound. Think LinkedIn and Instagram

Great creative provokes a primal instinct in your audience, whether they realize it or not. It consistently plays to a customer’s feelings and has proven successful for countless brands in all verticals. After understanding more about the power of effective creative communication, how they trigger emotion, and how they affect our responses, try folding in new emotional appeal into your ads and see the difference it makes!

Interested in creating new ads, collateral, campaign design, but need a bit of assistance? Brand Buddha is a full-service advertising agency that is ready to help you bring your creative executions to life. Contact us here to speak with our experienced staff today.

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