Patient Acquisition Tips for Genomics 2019

Instead of developing a general-purpose drug that targets many patients for disease treatment, companies are shifting their research and development, manufacturing and development pipelines for personalized medical solutions aimed at a patient or group of patients based on genetic diagnostics.

However, though a one-size-fits-all marketing approach may have been adequate for traditional drugs, precision genomic solutions require personalized marketing for patient acquisition. After all, these are not mass-market drugs—they’re products custom-made to a person’s DNA.

So, with the precision medicine market exploding, how can you take full advantage of the growing demand for personalized genomic medicine and maximize patient acquisition?

Precision Medicine Requires Precision Marketing

First and foremost, use all of your customer touch-point data to effectively segment and reach your different target audiences-healthcare providers, hospitals, and payors as well as patients. This will aid in crafting and refining precision messaging that resonates with the desired audience at the proper marketing stage.

This is particularly important regarding health providers who make decisions about the use of personalized prescription drugs because they often need to see some credibility before they can begin offering any new precision medicine product within primary care.

What’s more, when utilizing data-driven digital marketing to create accurate and robust messaging, you enable not only acquiring the most appropriate leads but also maintain and engross customers for greatest lifetime value.

Strategies for Directly Acquiring Genomic Medicine Patient Customers

When it comes to personalized medical care, once patients accept they need to do it, they are quite particular about what they’re looking for.

Here are 5 ways to maximize your patient acquisition strategies:

Be the Go-To Expert in your Community

Use all media outlets at your disposal and host open houses to share your company’s knowledge and expertise in your precision medicine area with the public. Consider sponsoring or holding free health assessments, such as for heart health and other medical screenings, to showcase your genomic medicine prowess in addition to your commitment to patients. By getting people to trust your company, they are more inclined to engage with your precision medicine product.

Fast and Accurate Customer Service

People do not like to wait-there is evidence that being put on hold is enough for customers to pass on a vendor. Nowadays, there are alternative technologies like live chats that enable companies to provide faster customer service without having to invest in a large customer service team. Accordingly, try to provide a variety of channels for customers to get the information and help they need, when they need it, and how they want it.

Make Marketing Personal

Customizing the patient experience to make working with your business both enjoyable and memorable is critical for patient acquisition. For example, use first names in communication when you connect with your patients to build a lasting relationship. Customers who are more satisfied are always more likely to refer others than those who do not have a long-term relationship with your business.

Use Social Media to Build Patient Engagement

Many new patients will check out the social media profiles of a business before deciding on a precision medicine product-whether to schedule an appointment or to buy a health product. Keeping social media accounts updated with useful information and building an online community can drive organic (and potentially unpaid) traffic to your business.

Exploit Patient Feedback

With rising healthcare costs, patients are starting to put in the time and effort to determine the credibility of companies in the precision medicine market, and this often means reading customer reviews. Using social media to post patient reviews can be an effective marketing tool that can even generate word-of-mouth referrals. If you don’t already ask customers for testimonials, let alone feedback, you could be overlooking a cost-effective, genuine way to showcase your company’s precision medicine product.

Summary: Adaptive and Evolutionary Marketing in Precision Medicine

As with healthcare, the marketing landscape is transforming, and the genomics and precision medicine companies taking a proactive, personalized methodology to adapt to these changes will indubitably capture a greater market share. So, the more you comprehend your audience and test your tailor-made digital marketing strategies, the more likely you are to improve customer satisfaction and engagement for optimal lead conversion in the precision medicine market.

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