17 Shocking Facts about OOH Advertising You Didn’t Know

Is OOH advertising still effective?

Companies around the world are looking to reach larger audiences, and, in a more tech-savvy world, they are finding themselves with fewer and fewer effective advertising opportunities.

In the last decade, advertising has drastically changed. The ”cut the cord” movement has individuals paying to access content that doesn’t include advertisements. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising targets individuals as they go about their day outside of their homes. They can include benches, bus stops, billboards, and digital signage.

OOH advertising, seen as outdated and irrelevant ten years ago, has seen a serious resurgence in the last few years. According to a report by Out-Of-Home Association, OOH is the second fastest-growing advertising medium on the market today.

Yeah, we’re surprised too!

OOH Advertising: 17 Facts You Didn’t Know

We’ve compiled a list of surprising statistics on OOH advertising that helps explain how one of the oldest forms of advertising has gained relevancy in an increasingly digital age.

1. There are more than 25 million OOH advertising placements in the United States – OAAA

Now it’s easier than ever to reach your target audience with your brand messaging.

2. 1.1 BILLION trips are taken every day on roads in the US – Bureau Of Transportation Statistics

There are 1.1 billion chances for an OOH advertisement to resonate with an audience through a billboard experience.

3. OOH advertising in the US delivers 101,465,994,516 impressions per week – Geopath

That’s 101 quadrillion views—a week.

4. OOH drives more than 3x more digital and social activations (per ad dollar spent) than any other media – OAAA

It’s also 80% cheaper than other media channels. Win-win.

5. On average, Americans travel more than 14,500 miles a year – Bureau Of Transportation

There are thousands of opportunities for exposure from OOH advertising per week.

6. The average American travels over 29 miles a day – Bureau Of Transportation

With an OOH advertisement every quarter mile, that’s over 100 chances to catch the attention of each commuter daily.

7. Billboards make up 66% of the OOH advertising market – The Hustle

And over 25% of those billboards are digital.

8. OOH ads have produced 31 consecutive quarters of growth, and a 35% increase in ad spend since 2010 – The Hustle

Other ad mediums like TV and print have surprisingly declined in prominence in recent years.

9. By 2021, analysts predict billboards will grow into a $33B industry – The Hustle

OOH is evolving into a Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) juggernaut.

10. 84% of Generation Z-ers pay more attention to OOH advertising than any other types of advertising – AdAge

OOH ads are more trustworthy to this generation compared to ads on social media and television.

11. Utilizing up to four different advertising channels can increase ROI by over 31% –Geopath

There is a stronger correlation to increased ROI with a greater number of advertising channels.

12. Consumers are 50% more likely to engage with a mobile ad after seeing the same ad from OOH first – Outfront Media

Building a brand presence on multiple channels is important in improving brand recognition with audiences.

13. OOH advertising accounts for 26% of search activations generated by TV, radio, and print, but only accounts for 7% of advertising spending – OAAA

While cheaper than other advertising avenues, OOH shows a far greater return on investment for every ad dollar spent.

14. 5 in 10 adults in the US have used a search engine to research an OOH format in the past six months – OAAA

Captivating OOH campaigns will compel customers to search and learn more about your organization and services/products.

15. For every dollar spent on OOH advertising, businesses see an average profit of $5.97 – OAAA

Compare that number to an average of $3 dollars profit for every dollar spent on PPC ads and OOH ads are making twice as much.

16. 40% of adults have visited an organization’s social media page or posted to their page after seeing an OOH ad – OAAA

It’s notable that consumers go to a social-friendly page to learn more about an organization before they would go to a website.

17. Digital display ads can increase brand awareness by 47.7%, and increase purchase amounts by 29.5% – DataTrend

That’s a huge increase. One of the hardest parts of creating brand presence is creating recognition amongst consumers. OOH does this.

Who knew that Gen-Z trusted OOH advertisements more than digital from the phones that they hold so dear? Or that billboards have evolved alongside our digital world and can still drive ROI?

You do now.

Don’t let the idea of what OOH advertising used-to-be stop you from seeing the facts. OOH advertising is the ROI generator that keeps on giving. Seen as a trustworthy source of brand information, out-of-home advertising is invaluable when it comes to improving brand recognition and catching the attention of anyone and everyone.

What’s your experience with OOH advertising?

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