How Old Spice Thrived After A Sales Funnel Transformation

Keeping up with young and active companies is a chore for most older brands and their sales funnels. New brands often come in and draw the attention of untapped markets, leaving older brands to scramble to keep up. Old Spice, a grooming company older than your grandfather, faced this issue head on in 2010 when they realized their products weren’t performing as well in younger demographics. The struggling company decided a sales funnel transformation was needed to grab the overlooked younger demographic.

Why a Sales Funnel Transformation?

One of the primary components of digital marketing is a sales funnel. This concept is the course a customer takes on their way to making a purchase. Sales funnels have progressed to include the fast pace and connectivity that came with technology and the creation of the internet.

After realizing the need for a sales funnel transformation in the face of new competition, Old Spice identified the three main obstacles they would need to overcome with their new marketing strategy.

  • Their “grandpa’s fragrance” image: Overcoming the image of Old Spice being the scent of “old men”, they knew they needed a fresh, young face to appeal to a different audience with their products. Old Spice invested a lot of time and energy into creating a younger image, but it was hard for the brand to shake the association with its long and successful history. Any marketing campaign had to be modern and hip.
  • The obstinance of men changing their hygiene routine: The truth is, men are generally less likely to seek out new hygiene products. This created a unique challenge for Old Spice as they competed with the other hygiene lines being offered on the market. Finding a way to get consumers to take a chance on a new product was a challenge that had to be overcome.
  • The lack of sensory appeal with any wide-ranging advertisement campaign: Unfortunately, you can’t smell through a screen–and there’s no technology that allows viewers to soak in the scents of any product being shown. So, the question then becomes, how can you possibly sell a smell with a scentless advertisement?

Finding a new sales funnel that tackled these different obstacles while pushing customers through the sales funnel and out the other end to increase ROI, was the main goal advertising campaign.

New Demographic, New Sales Funnel

When researching this new demographic, Old Spice discovered that women purchased male hygiene products for their men just as often as they purchased products for themselves. The company decided to focus their advertising campaigns on women rather than men. With these factors, the “Smell Like a Man, Man” campaign was born.

The campaign was a viral success. It catapulted Old Spice’s overall digital presence; it grew media impressions to 1.2 billion, increased social media followers by almost 3,000 percent, boosted website traffic by 300 percent and, most importantly, pushed sales of the franchise to become the number one brand of body wash and deodorant.

These numbers reveal just how impactful the new campaign was for the younger demographic. Social media wholeheartedly embraced the out-of-the-box thinking that Old Spice adopted in their advertisement. Interaction with the brand increased on social media, leaving Old Spice to continue to adopt this new image with consumers. The significant increase to website traffic also showed a renewed interest in the product among the more tech-savvy, younger demographic.

The ‘Smell Like a Man’ campaign tackled all three issues that originally plagued Old Spice. Their brand was now young and hip. Customers no longer equated their fragrance with the signature ‘old man’ smell. Men were willing to try this new fragrance and body wash because the commercial amused them and caught their attention. The entertaining tone piqued customer curiosity and made shoppers, both men and women, open up the product in-store to smell it for themselves.

Old Spice recognized they needed to update their sales funnel to create a new path forward for their brand. Using a clever marketing campaign, numbers drastically improved and Old Spice discarded the skin of their previous image and became known for quirky, funny, and young advertising, while drastically increasing their ROI.

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