[Infographic] The 30 Best + Worst Rebrands of All Time

Rebrands can reveal a lot about a company.

Whether it’s simplifying a logo or overhauling the entire brand structure, the way in which an organization goes about repositioning itself can uncover hidden and sometimes painful truths. It serves as a lens for assessing the relevance and competitiveness of a company and how they intend to move forward. Rebrands help to capture an opportunity or mitigate declining sales, but there’s a fine line between success and disaster as there are a number of things that can go wrong.

On the flip side, rebrands can be a catalyst for success. It can help companies adapt to changes in the marketplace and align branding with business strategy. The successful ones generally have three things in common: they’re authentic, clearly defined, and expressed, and appealing to their audience.

“We marketed our services under different brand names and, a few years into it, we decided to consolidate under one company brand,” says Shradha Agrwal of Outcome Health. “We were clear on why the new brand was better and what changed — choosing to be transparent and using messaging with clarity — and stayed consistent thereon.”

Rebrands: The Best & Worst of All Time

Rebranding is inevitable in the business world, but some campaigns are better than others. Here are 30 examples of the best and worst rebrands of all time:


(Source: Hubspot.com)


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