How to Use LinkedIn for Account-Based Marketing

If you’re in the marketing business, chances are you’ve heard of account-based marketing. If you haven’t, what rock have you been living under? Let’s dive in.

Account-based marketing is a strategy where B2B organizations craft relationships with targeted audiences versus casting a wide inbound marketing net. According to an ITSMA survey, 92 percent of B2B marketers said account-based marketing is a must-have strategy, while 85 percent of companies said the ROI from account-based marketing is higher than any other marketing strategy.

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Marketing tactics nowadays require expensive technology to see success. For those using account-based marketing, however, there are tons of social media tools out there that can assist. One, in particular, is LinkedIn!

Using LinkedIn for Account-Based Marketing Research

If you’ve been doing inbound marketing for a while, you will have a clear idea of what the ideal client looks like. Step one to using LinkedIn is to create a list of the companies you would like to target and then proceed to make connections. LinkedIn can assist in filling in the details on companies already on your list while expanding that list with similar businesses. A simple search on LinkedIn will provide information about the company, including:

  • The number of employees
  • Location
  • Website URL
  • Job Openings  
  • Specific Specialities

Right away your organization can match information provided to the details of a targeted audience. For example, if the ideal company has 50 employees any company with employees above that number can be ruled out early. For companies matching targeted accounts, this gives access to a list of contacts and their job titles which can ease new marketing efforts.

LinkedIn also provides a list of similar companies making researching and compiling a list of prospective clients easy.

Use LinkedIn Ads to Reach Target Contacts

LinkedIn provides an option through account-based advertising that assists in targeting ads based on numerous factors, including targeting companies by name.

Targeting options include:

  • Company Name, Size, Industry, Followers, Connections
  • Job Title, Function, Seniority, Years of Experience
  • Schools, Degrees, Fields of Study
  • Skills, Groups, Age, Gender, Location

LinkedIn also includes an account target feature designed specifically for companies shifting their focus to account-based marketing. This feature allows companies to send LinkedIn a list of targeted accounts and it will match this list to its database of companies to create a specific account segment to improve targeting. Within this segment, organizations can then choose to further target their sponsored content and InMail messages to individuals with particular job titles.

In using this option, companies can now put their inbound marketing skills to the test by crafting messaging that is tailored to the concerns of each contact, with assurances, that the message will either show on target’s feeds or in their inbox!

Use LinkedIn to Contact Leads Directly

LinkedIn is a handy tool for account-based marketing, especially when it comes to reaching out to a targeted audience. If targeting LinkedIn’s specifics don’t work, there is always the old-fashioned technique: networking with clients directly.

LinkedIn allows users to contact any of their connections for free and LinkedIn Premium enables individuals to send a certain number of direct messages to those who they are not connected to. It is essential to think carefully about a message before sending to cultivate a lasting business relationship properly.p. How can you catch their attention? Remember: first impressions are everything; crafting an engaging message can either start a relationship or end it before it even begins.

Account-based marketing is all about crafting relationships with targeted audiences. By using LinkedIn’s account-based marketing techniques, businesses can now not only understand targeted accounts but network with them on a personal level as well.  



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