Brand Buddha Social Buzz: May in Review

Aside from Game of Thrones—believe it or not—May presented an abundance of social media topics. Brand Buddha spoke to the trending hashtag #IfSocialMediaDidntExist, the banning of facial-recognition software, and a particle that traveled backward in time.

But that was just the beginning of our social activity. If you weren’t as active on social media this past month,  take a look at this recap to keep updated on the online conversations you might’ve missed.

Brand Buddha Social Buzz: Month in Review


#NationalRescueDog day! Does your brand care about rescue animals? Here are Brand Buddha, we hold rescue pets held near and dear to our hearts. Also, we didn’t discriminate between cats and dogs.


To keep our heads high before impending June doom—I mean gloom—grilling has become a tradition at Brand Buddha. It feels just like summer!


In May, we offered a FREE brand evaluation! Targeted directly at our LinkedIn audience. Whether you’re our competition, our friends, or all of the above—we want to offer you some data-based insight on how to be better.

Brand Buddha Brand evaluation


ON THE HORIZON—Buddha Comics. That’s right, Buddha has been developing a comic series and we’re about to release a comic series. But shhhh.. It’s all on the down low. You’ve just received exclusive insight. Stay tuned. #BuddhaComics

Also on the horizon—the #BadNewsBuddhas. That’s right, we started a softball team! We’ll feature footage of the game on our YouTube channel.

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