5 Mistakes that Affect your Social Media Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a term used in marketing to describe the customer journey to purchasing a product or service. The first stage of the funnel is awareness, which is where the social media sales funnel lives and breathe.

In today’s digital age, more people are looking to social media to get information about a company. This includes not only how the company represents itself online, but how it interacts with its fans and customers. People want to feel comfortable with a company they’re buying from, so it only makes sense companies are judged off their social media presence. In fact, one social media faux pas could lead to a slew of negative comments and even brand boycotts, which can be detrimental to a company’s return on investment (ROI).

Below we outline five of the most common social media mistakes that can negatively impact your social media sales funnel.

Social Media Sales Funnel: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

5 mistakes that affect social media sales funnel
1. Too much Self-Promotion

Social media is a step in your sales funnel, not the entirety of your sales funnel. According to a 2016 poll by Sprout Social, 46 percent of people unfollow businesses due to too much self-promotion, while 74 percent of people followed a company to learn more about its products or services. Customers expect to be advertised to when following an account on social media, but using your media accounts to only talk about how great your products are will lose you followers.

Your social media accounts should share pertinent information about your products. But followers want to see more than just products in action–they want to know about your company and its mission, as well as the background of the products being offered. This will pull them into your social media sales funnel where they are 75 percent more likely to make a purchase.

2. Hashtag and Emoji Overload

Overloading your posts with hashtags and emojis reeks of desperation, which will lead followers to click the unfollow button to remove themselves from your social media sales funnel. An abundance of hashtags and emojis tells your followers that you’re desperate to attract attention and more followers, even if that sacrifices the quality of what is being discussed. 41 percent of people will unfollow a brand that doesn’t share information relevant to their needs. If your engagement strategy focuses on getting new followers and not cultivating the followers you already have, you will lose followers.

Keep your hashtagging relevant and avoid a mountain of hashtags when five or six will do. Emojis should be kept to a minimum and should never replace words on a post. Don’t sacrifice the clarity of your content by making followers guess what your post means. And, most of all, keep your content fresh and specific to your brand to keep your followers engaged and interested.

3. Ignoring Critical Comments

It’s going to happen: a customer is going to be dissatisfied with your product or customer service. Reply quickly and courteously to the critical comments and insist that you take the conversation to a private message.  Don’t allow the entire conversation to play out on your social media channel and definitely do not ignore the comments. Feedback is important to keeping consumers in the sales funnel. By being vigilant with dissatisfied customers you can turn a bad review into something positive and avoid customers removing themselves from your social media sales funnel.

4. Misusing Trends

Do your research before jumping into hashtags or conversations to avoid making social media mistakes that can do irreparable damage to your social media sales funnel. In 2014, DiGiornio Pizza tweeted with the hashtag #WhyIStayed with a completely tone-deaf reply about the issue of domestic abuse. It became a prominent example of social media teams using any trending hashtag to promote their brand. Not every hashtag is an opportunity to promote your business. Do your due diligence before entering into a conversation involving social media trends.

5. Not appealing to the right client base

Social media should aim for the audience you’ve identified for your products. If you haven’t identified an audience, any social interaction and media channels will have no clear direction and won’t lead to an increase in your digital ROI. Catering your posts and interactions to your audience is important to keeping the attention of your consumers and ensuring their future interest in your products and to keep customers interested in staying involved in your social media sales funnel. As stated earlier, 41 percent of people will remove themselves from a brand’s page if the content being posted isn’t relevant to them of their needs. Know your client base and come into your social media with a concrete idea of how to reach them.

Learn From your Social Media Mistakes

Social media sales funnel mistakes will ultimately affect future ROI for your company. By catering your content to your users in the right way, and being flexible in your approach to social media, your company will learn a lot about consumer desires. These suggestions are a few of the many mistakes that can be made. Keep in mind that social media mistakes happen all the time, it’s how you respond to them that will define your company’s brand presence.

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