5 Advantages of Account-Based Marketing

What are the advantages of account-based marketing?

Getting and keeping the attention of the right people at the right time is an art form that many organizations have yet to master, but with the benefits of account-based marketing (ABM) plan to revolutionize the process, your organization can be one step closer.

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5 Fantastic Advantages of Account-Based Marketing

With its personalized approach and attention to detail, there are several advantages to account-based marketing. We list the top 5:

1. Personalized Targeting of an Organization

A personalized approach allows collaboration and understanding of your process and the process of your client’s work. It’s evident when a marketing plan is just being thrown out to appeal to a large number of people. A major advantage of account-based marketing is it engages with the clients’ needs and concerns. This shows your commitment to their organization and increases the chances they will acquire your services.

2. Higher Likelihood of Acquiring Targeted Client

Using an account-based marketing strategy increases the chances of gaining the client that you are targeting. By appealing to this client on a personal level, you are more likely to convince them that you can offer them what their organization needs. It also gives you the opportunity to cater your services to the gaps that both you and your client may see in their organization.

3. Promoting your Organization’s Unique Selling Point

Standing out from the crowded field of your competition is one of the unique benefits of account-based marketing. You can describe who you are and how your process is different from the rest in a unique way that sets you apart from other organizations. Utilizing ABM is a fantastic way to highlight how your services excel in your industry and how those USPs will be pivotal in improving your client’s work.

4. Cultivating Relationships Through Networking

Word of mouth works in your favor when you’re utilizing an account-based marketing strategy. Each relationship you cultivate is an added voice discussing what you offer and how that organization can benefit from the use of your services. By launching an account-based marketing plan that incorporates several individuals within a business, you further increase your knowledge of their needs and how they operate while cultivating more opportunities for your services to be discussed among the team.

5. Larger Return on Investment

Statistics show that account-based marketing will offer you a greater return on the investment of your organization. Although highly effective when executed correctly,  inbound marketing has the disadvantage of shouting about your services into the abyss. That abyss is researched, targeted, and segmented, but it’s still an unknown variable. ABM allows you to focus and decide on one target for your marketing onslaught, saving you money in the long term and providing a strong connection between you and the client with a better opportunity for a lasting relationship with an organization.

Marketing a product to an organization is getting tougher and tougher. With client expectations growing and basic how-to resource guides emerging on the internet, it has become more difficult to create a strategy that meets client expectations.

The main advantage of account-based marketing is it creates a way to close the gap between the client and marketer by clearly defining client needs and adapting an organization’s skillset to meet these needs, no matter the industry.

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Now you’ve got the tools, are you ready to use them?

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