4 Reasons Customer Journey Mapping Improves User Experience

Have you been struggling with conversions but not site traffic? Tracking and pinning down how consumers interact with your brand is vital in fully understanding your organization. To better accomplish this, you need to visualize customer journey mapping.

Not sure you need to invest in customer experience mapping?

We’ll outline the four reasons that fantastic user journey mapping can help your organization build a solid website that showcases you and your product and keeps users on your site longer. Let’s start by discussing how to improve the customer experience strategy.

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

User experience moves far beyond website creation. It speaks to your sales funnel and how your organization plans to make a sale. In short, customer journey mapping is creating a visual map or representation of how each persona moves through every aspect of your organization, whether that be email, website, social media, or marketing.

This map should be considered the bible that guides any of your interactions with customers, prospective, returning, or new. Once you’ve mapped this journey, you will be able to apply it to everything your organization does.

4 Reasons Customer Journey Mapping is Important

1. Refocuses Your Marketing Strategy

These days, customers know what they want and are willing to search for what they need. Is your strategy taking this into account? It’s easy to throw up simple advertisements for outbound marketing. But inbound marketing can be much more valuable mainly because the prospects being targeted are already interested and invested in what you have to say. You can leverage that by creating a customer journey built to answer questions that customers have about your products. This is the first step to creating a solid website for customers, but it’s not the last.

2. Revision of Your Target Customer Base

You’ve built and refined your inbound marketing starting with your website, but you still aren’t getting the best results? Your next step is to take that information and revise your target audience to create a more specific customer base. We may think we know who our customers are but until we put a plan into action and start seeing the analytics, we can’t prove it. The great thing about seeing these numbers is we can then hyper-target our audience more effectively and create a stronger customer journey map with every new iteration. Think of good customer experience as the newest smartphone, changing and evolving with consumer needs.

3. Better Meet Customer Needs

Now it’s time to improve your voice! With this information from your newly revised customer journey map, you can refocus your services and message. For example, if you think you’re talking to 45-year-old tech junkies and you realize you’re really talking to 30-something new mothers, that will change how you speak to your audience all the way from the tone of voice down to the content you produce. Your vernacular, jokes, and even pop culture references will shift or change.

4. Gives Your Organization Direction

This focuses on your internal messaging. An organized business is one that makes money. By keeping your employees up-to-date on messaging changes, you streamline production, keep everyone on the same page, and equip your whole team with the tools that they need to meet more of their internal goals. This can be a quarterly or yearly memo that goes out that reinforces goals that the marketing team has discovered or a new set of talking points each employee should memorize for their interactions with customers.

Your organization can have the best, craziest, coolest product or services, but if you’re not talking a language your audience understands in every single stage of their journey, you’re going to strikeout. Use these 4 reasons to map the journey of your customers to reduce breakage in your funnel and increase the ROI in your organization.

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