Google Marketing Platform: 3 Things You Need to Know

Making a change is never easy but like everything at Google, it started with the customer.

The past few months Google has been conducting global research to understand better how their brand was perceived. Businesses requested a simpler portfolio of advertising services that made it easier to choose the correct solution; marketers’ number one priority was to understand their customers better. With this in mind, Google recently introduced several initiatives to simplify experiences and reduce complexities for marketers.

We outline three things you need to know about the new Google Marketing Platform.

3 Things to Know about Google Marketing Platform

The Platform 

The Google Marketing Platform represents a full range of advertising abilities for marketers. It refers to the merge of Analytics 360 and DoubleClick buy-side products; the word ‘platform’ better illustrates the process in which customers own the data and control access. When analytics and advertising combine, we discover insights that cultivate better strategies to drive results. Marketers requested that ads and analytic technology merge– and Google did it. Google created an interface that incorporates 100+ integrations. Now, business owners can manage campaigns without having to switch between applications.

Big spenders and vendors hold a complete set of tools in their hands; in one space, they can plan, buy, measure, and optimize both media and consumer experience. The platform will allow media buyers, creatives, and bosses to work seamlessly together without the hassle of email chains. The Google Marketing Platform will help build better campaigns smoothly.

Google Ads

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Google AdWords didn’t resonate with video, display, and app buyers. Google Ads gathers its properties under one umbrella and reflects a full range of advertising services. Google Ads benefits the world’s understanding of Google; it communicates Google’s entire suite of marketing solutions and can resonate with a wider variety of ad housings.

Google Ad Manager

Google Ad Manager brings DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange into a truly unified platform, helping to drive the next generation of content. It’s not just an ad-server or sell-side platform, but a complete ad platform with automation. Machine learning is taking over campaign management: the advertiser puts in a few words, artificial intelligence does the bidding, creative, and targeting. Ad Manager is flexible. It can keep up with customers through the integration of new distribution channels. Ad Manager uses automation that will respect your brand and keep users safe. GoogleAds rebranding is meant to put properties under one umbrella more clearly.

Like any business, Google faces challenges; rebranding becomes complicated on a global scale, where Google aims to be universally understood and localized. In an industry where the only thing constant is change, Google continues to strive for trust, transparency, and value.

What are your thoughts on the new Google Marketing Platform?

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