Increase Sales With These 2019 Marketing Funnel Strategies

Wait, is the marketing sales funnel dead?

I don’t know.

Did consumers stop experiencing varying levels of interest in response to your marketing efforts?

Do prospects now only hold ONE level of interest across the board and at all times?!?!

If the funnel is old news, what about SEO? Website design? Digital content development? Have marketing funnel strategies flown out the window?!

NEWS FLASH: Just because the marketing funnel is one year older, doesn’t mean it’s dead. We all age. It’s just a bit older now, more evolved and complex, just like the marketing funnel strategies that accompany it.

In 2018, digital marketing efforts invested in targeting, technology, automation, and concern for privacy especially after the GDPR outlawed invasive ‘traditional marketing’ efforts in favor of account-based marketing strategies.

2018 also provided critical insight into tactics that are predicted to thrive in 2019:

  • Webinars
  • Case studies
  • Video content

While online research and account-based marketing efforts are expected to skyrocket, the previously listed forms of content will fuel the launch. But before dispatching any marketing funnel strategies, consider the ways in which our understanding of the marketing sales funnel has begun to change in 2019.

Marketing Funnel Strategies in 2019

Traditionally, the definition of the marketing sales funnel involves some rendition and reflection of the buyer’s journey—moving from the awareness stage to consideration, and ultimately, to the decision—but the most modern funnels are reaching beyond the purchase and into retention by specifically addressing loyalty and advocacy stages.

increase sales with marketing funnel strategies

Not only is our marketing sales funnel more extensive, but it’s more complex. Unfortunately, this marketing funnel can’t apply directly to you because, in 2019, your sales funnel should be completely unique to your business.  Your marketing sales funnel will inform the development of your marketing funnel strategies. It’s your responsibility to know the ways in which your audience interacts with your brand, and how to classify each interaction according to a level of interest.

3 Marketing Funnel Strategies

Once you’ve mapped and labeled your audience’s interactions, engagement, and their levels of interest, use these insights in collaboration with the following marketing funnel strategies to ensure that your business thrives for many lifetimes.

Customized Messaging:

Design messaging that positions your brand in a favorable light for every buyer—for those in the awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and loyalty stages—to develop successful marketing funnel strategies. Your brand messaging should vary per interest level and demographic audience.

Customized messaging is much more than attracting as many prospects as possible—it’s about appearing in the right place, at the right time, while saying the right thing. It refrains from invasive tactics and strives to offer value. Consider what kind of problems, questions, and concerns your audience might experience depending on their stage in the funnel. How can your brand solve these issues? Effective marketing funnel strategies will implement customized messaging for each and every target audience.

Innovative content:

Your marketing funnel strategies should continue to customize your messaging through innovative content. Provide value to your audience in the most engaging manner with innovative content, formulated and disbursed to resonate with your audience. Are your prospects utilizing social media? Are they actively watching Instagram stories? Participating in Twitter chats? Look at how your audience currently interacts online to develop innovative content that matches your social media sales funnel. A/B testing methods are always insightful methods of testing.


Your marketing funnel strategies should acknowledge that manually picking up leads is a thing of the past. In 2019, we understand that with customized strategies, leads can be generated and picked up at every stage of the funnel with automation. Automation helps to review online interactions with your brand, assign these to each stage, and implement a system to organize the data. Optimize each stage of the customer experience.

Lifecycle Marketing. WTF?

Call it a conspiracy, but we’ve seen some traction in “Lifecycle Marketing”—which displays the customer lifecycle as an entire, fluid, flowing process rather than the static stages of a funnel. This philosophy may be responsible for the so-called “death” of the sales funnel, but we like to consider this model as another, more evolved, rendition of the marketing sales funnel we hold so dead—I mean dear.


Can you feel how alive the marketing sales funnel is? Whether you’re developing marketing funnel strategies around a B2C or B2B marketing sales funnel, know that it’s growing, thriving, and evolving. Ensure that your strategies prioritize customized messaging, innovative content, automation, and keep up-to-date with the funnel in order to build your best business in 2019.

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