"A picture is worth a thousand words."
Our creative team has lots of big ideas...ideas that reflect our clients' marketing strategies. And when you have big ideas, you better walk the walk and talk the talk – you better bring them to life! That’s what Buddha's Photo-Illustration does. We translate ideas into reality, whether onto the printed page or on your website, our images capture prospects attention.
Video and Animation
Brand Buddha has partnered with FAT BOX, a creative resource that consists of high-end visual producers who have delivered unprecedented creative video & animation worldwide, since 1995. With over 100 campaigns and more than 1,000 film, video and animation productions, FAT BOX is a perfect addition to the creative team at Brand Buddha. Buddha and FAT BOX are completely focused on delivering a visually exciting experience every time. Period.
360° Product Spins
Interactive 360-degree product views offer customers/buyers an opportunity to get closer to and better view the product while shopping online. Product purchasers can get a more realistic view of product detail before making a purchase, where they feel as if they've touched and manipulated the product. Clients are finding that products displayed with Buddha's spin technology have conversion rates at least 10% and sometimes as much as 30% to 40% higher than products displayed without it.
Photoshop® Composites & Product Placements
Similar to basic Photo Illustration, Buddha uses best digital and Photoshop methods to add product where it's never been. Do you need to show your new energy drink at a party in the park? Hire ten models and hope it doesn't rain, or, have Buddha buy stock and insert your product in a perfectly picked environment – both demographically and aesthetically. efusjon composites and product placements
GE Healthcare composites and product placements
GE Healthcare composites and product placements
Macro Product Photography
Because Brand Buddha works in many different industries, we have the opportunity to market and subsequently shoot a wide range of products. Macro, or close-up photography, has a tremendous impact on viewers. Not only do they see something in a way that they've never seen before but they get a better idea of the product characteristics. That's brand building!
Amneal composites and product placements