"No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design."
-Sherlock Holmes
Buddha's graphic team develops both traditional graphics and digital marketing assets. Our creative direction drives your strategy into the design, and design paints a picture, tells your story and makes your company --your marketing strategy--memorable and sellable.


Our graphic designers look for solutions in unexpected places. A "holistic designer" will look at a project from every angle, use photography, illustration or some other medium to match our design to the creative direction and client strategy.

Story Telling

Our work tells a compelling story. Our imagery very well may be worth a thousand words, but our design highlights and displays that imagery. We charge our designers with being storytellers. Our graphic designers translate the client vision into a visual narrative.


We never forget that what we do is fun! Our work makes clients, their customers and the world smile, laugh, cry--and buy stuff. Where else do you get to do that?


Brand Buddha's graphic designers are unbelievably creative, but their work must be strikingly clean and tight as well. It has to work in 72 pixel digital as well as in 250 feet across the side of a sports arena.