"Properly practiced, creativity can make one ad do the work of ten."
-William Bernbach
We Research, learn and understand your business. Then we develop a strategy and creative direction that utilizes our graphic design, digital marketing and imagery to drive your marketing plan and strengthen your brand.
BrandBuddha Brand Strategy BrandBuddha Brand Strategy
BrandBuddha FandaLabs Brand Strategy


Brand Buddha works with large global brands and smaller challenger brands to develop marketing strategies that not only build and strengthen your brand but increase revenues.

Creative Direction

Our creative direction comes directly from your marketing strategy. We translate your strategy into a creative plan to position your company or product in your marketplace. The pivot from strategy to creative becomes a defined branding and messaging statement for all your marketing initiatives to follow.

Branding / Messaging

What is your message? Does your advertising, your web presence and your marketing collateral stay on point? Or do they wander all over the marketing landscape? Brand Buddha utilizes your proof points and our creative direction to drive home your brand with customers and prospects alike.

BrandBuddha FandaLabs Brand Strategy


Brand Buddha has had a string of very succesful naming initiatives that have strengthened the brands and created a platform for the launch of various products from Pharmaceutical to medical device to COR energy Gel.

BrandBuddha FandaLabs Brand Strategy

BrandBuddha FandaLabs Brand Strategy